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Millions of  Human Voices  Are Never Heard 

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From day one HALO Home Services set out to be a company that gave back to our communities. Carly and I wanted to build a business that meant more than saving homes. We wanted a company that would save lives. It hasn't always been an easy plan, Lord knows we had our obstacles, but we are building a network of likeminded people who long to see people restored.

We began by providing water, food, toiletries, hygiene and other gifts in shoe boxes to the homeless communities in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego.  The instrument of these gifts have been a willing and enthusiastic group of employees. Our teams, inspectors, repair people and technicians all drive 50,000 miles per year, and in doing so, encounter hundreds of homeless every month.  

The boxes that we give out are all provided by the profits created by the customers who have trusted us with their homes. 


The last couple of years we have also been fortunate enough to provide renewable resources to villages in 3rd world countries.

These goats, sheep, chickens, all provide nourishment and tradeable goods to those in the community. Being able to eat trade and sell their resources provides stability many have never known.

We are grateful for those that have partnered with us to make this possible.

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Our Future is bright. As HALO Home Services continues to grow we will continue to give. Our future, God willing, allows us to participate in freeing woman from traffickers, drug addicts from dependency and  give more hope to the hopeless. 

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